Each of our candles were handcrafted with a story in mind, read on to see the memory behind your candle.

Lemon Zest

They got a micro plane on their wedding registry. Now she puts lemon zest on everything… EV-ERY-THING!



He grew up on that lake, surrounded by best friends and close relatives. The musk of the lake water and the teakwood from the pier filled his nostrils during those sun tanned days and star filled nights.


41st ave

Her hometown scent, the route she walked to the beachfront cliffs of Santa Cruz where she was met with sea mist from the crashing waves and bursts of California citrus as she gazed out at the surfer speckled waves.


Scenic Loop

The Great Smoky Mountains seemed to be set ablaze with the amber leaves of oak trees. It was their first trip with his family, that weekend…he knew.


Cheekwood Gardens

Surrounded by tulips, lilies, and jasmine  he told her for a long time she had been his best friend. As he bent a knee and pulled out the ring, and quoted Pride & Prejudice, he asked if it could be forever.


lavender linen

Sunday afternoons have always been for relaxing, catching up on Food Network, and of course laundry, that filled the living room with the freshness of lavender and cotton fresh out of the wash.


love You Mom

These woman are the best moms in the world. They are the reason we are the people we are today, and for that we cannot thank them enough. 



Eucalyptus trees on a cliff by the sea. He stared at the horizon overwhelmed as she read his words on the other side of the tree. This first touch was their brief moment to process before the whirlwind of the day when they would be Incandescently Happy.

Group 4.jpg

tis' the season

Every Christmas she goes overboard on decorations from the Christmas tree to stockings on the hearth. He’s thinks it too much, but for him she’s just right.